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Setting Out

Precise setting out at a sensible price

Mechanical Engineer

Detailed Drawings

Working with detailed drawings, we are able to work directly with designers, architects and engineers to  extrapolate the information required to take to your site. Marking out levels for proposed drainage, finished floor levels or even new boundaries. 


Having spent 20 years in the industry, we have worked on countless sites and have established methods to suit our specific client requirements. From highways to driveways, new build estates to small extension, we've got the experience to deliver and the ability to problem solve on site to achieve the most accurate results.

Cement Paving
Digging at Construction Site

Boreholes & Trial Pits

If you are drilling a borehole or digging a trial pit then making sure you're at the correct locations is essential. Most services sit between 15cm and 150cm underground and you'll need to make sure you are clear of any potential strikes. 

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